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Tomorrow’s Leaders programs are focus towards Balanced and Restorative to Justice (BARJ). Youth who are engaged in the program learn to be accountable for their actions while also strengthening their life skills and academic cognitively. Emphasis is also placed on community-based surveillance and sanctioning systems to channel the youth time and energy into productive activities.
Activities are design and center on a trauma-informed holistic approach as an alternative to youth juvenile justice system. TL’s programs objective will build on the personal strengths for each participants’ talents, interests, and resources. Mentors will use a strength-based approach to promote positive views to youth.  Youth should be viewed as resourceful and resilient in the face of adversity with a focus on future outcomes and strengths that the youth bring to a problem or crisis.

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Tomorrow’s Leaders program provides individual and group counseling, as well as mental health support on an individual, group, and family basis. Counseling covers domestic violence, rape, teen pregnancy, prevention, child psychology, and mental health support. With strong ambitious goals, counseling has helped to reduce the number of youths involved in gang activity, reduced some of their past emotional hurts by seeking resolution through forgiveness and healing and has changed how at-risk youth think about relationships, respect, morals and values system in the family and community.


The Crisis intervention services helps to restore an individual's though the Balances and Restorative to Justice (BARJ) baseline functioning and minimizes the potential for long-term trauma or distress. Intervention goals include reducing maltreatment, family conflicts, and behavioral problems in a flexible, responsive manner. Tomorrow’s Leaders crisis intervention service is designed to be delivered in natural environments where influences on antisocial or problem behaviors occur  in  the home, school, neighborhood, and the community. The goal is to reduce antisocial behavior and to prevent out of home placement.


Tomorrow’s Leaders mentoring model, improves youth confidence and self-awareness. Our unique focus is preparing youth to be productive, independent individuals in their families, work environment, and community. Our Mentors focus on identifying each youth’s strengths and limitations, understanding the impact of trauma in each of their lives, engaging and connecting with the youth’s family of origin, and collaborating on plan.

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Our unique focus is preparing youth to be productive, independent individuals in their families, work environment, and local community. Community service helps youth gain experience, skills, improve skills important for a workplace, such as communication and organizational skills, teamwork, planning, problem-solving and task management. Research has shown that involving teens in community service benefits both themselves and those they serve. Two aspects of the effectiveness of teen volunteers are the overall development for the young person and the support that he or she will find through further involvement in the community.


Most of our efforts pertaining to our workforce program involve youth new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. Tomorrow’s Leaders workforce development program focuses on three series: Workplace Temperament- focuses on increasing the level of awareness of workplace etiquette, by providing instruction on how to communicate with tact and professionalism.  Job Readiness- focuses on preparing participants for the workplace.  Career Readiness- focuses on preparing participants for the workplace.  Each series prepares youth to obtain and maintain employment.


The afterschool tutoring services helps strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills. Tomorrow’s Leaders tutoring services gives youth individualized attention that they don’t get in a crowded classroom. This helps youth who struggle to keep up, as well as those who aren’t challenged enough.

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Our recreational therapy focuses on activities that youth can do, regardless of their age or limitations, and encourages fun and play. As a result, feelings of isolation are reduced, and friendships and supportive bonds are created. Tomorrow’s Leaders recreational therapy helps youth improve their  health and wellness. Outcomes from participating in the recreational activities includes Building Trust, Improving Social Skills, Increasing Self-Esteem, Developing Effective Problem-Solving Skills, and Having Fun.


Education is the cornerstone of our society, giving youth the tools, they need to make an impact and, perhaps, inspire change. Tomorrow’s Leaders college perp prepares youth for their future college coursework, while still attending high school. The mix of traditional high school courses, combined with higher academic standards, is designed to establish a solid foundation for youth as they get ready for their future college careers.

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